Securities Brokering & Margin Financing

Sinfortune Securities Limited is a participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and provides brokering services on Hong Kong and foreign stocks, as well as margin financing. Utilising an advanced electronic trading system, clients are assured of an efficient and reliable brokering service, both through our professional account executives and Internet Trading Service.

From originations generated by our corporate solutions/finance operations or our affiliates, we are able to provide clients exclusive access to valued placements or offerings. We will continue to strive for synergistic relationships from our varied operations in the long term interests of clients.

We further offer competitive margin financing rates to our clients in respect of Hong Kong and foreign stocks as well as placements and new offerings.

Brokerage Infrastructure

In carrying on the concept for establishing Sinofortune Finanicial Holdings Ltd as an alliance of financial services professionals, we continue to provide brokering infrastructure services to our affiliated participants.

Our Services